22 November 2016

A Very Special Family...

Now this family right here is pretty much just the best.  Why you ask?  Well, for one, those are my boys, and two, those are my parents!  I suppose you could say I'm completely a little biased but these are my people and I love them! ENJOY!

15 November 2016

Big + Lil // Matthew + Kate

I've known these two cute kiddos' mama for a couple years now.  She was one of my older son's teachers when he first started preschool and, through the wonderful world of Facebook, we've been able to stay in touch.  Little Miss Kate even came and took dance with me over the summer.  These kids are so full of energy and life and you can tell that they are ready for a school break to celebrate the holidays!

08 November 2016

The Day Family // Fall 2016

It's hard to believe that the first time I took this family's picture, little Rebecca was only 4 weeks old.  I am truly honored that I've been able to be their photographer for the past three years and watch their sweet little ones grow each time.  Thank you, Day family!