23 March 2017

Seniors // Madison

There is so much excitement that surrounds high school graduation.  I love talking with seniors when I do these sessions because they can't help but glow with the anticipation.  So much opportunity, freedom, and unknown lies ahead but they are always beyond ready for the challenge.  I remember that time myself and I get to relive it a bit through these kids.

Meet Madison!  She is a sweet, bright young lady who is ready for her next phase of life.  I can't say that her mom is so ready for it, though.  As a mom myself, I totally get it! We had so much fun during this session, just chatting and lugging around the cello.  Many laughs were had and I'm so honored to be able to capture this special time for this family.  Congratulations Madison!

03 March 2017

Maternity // The Clune Family

I have been sitting on these photos for a good few months now but am so thrilled to be able to share them with you now!  Mama and daddy weren't spreading the news past family and closest friends (and, of course, the photographer) so that meant holding onto these until baby boy Clune made his debut at the very beginning of February.  A huge congratulations to the Clune family and thank you for trusting me with your most precious secret!

04 January 2017

The Roberts Family

The Roberts family, as you will quickly find out, is full of joy.  They had fun laughing with one another and just having a good time.  I have taken pictures for this wonderful family for a few years now and it's hard to believe that Ally is now about to pursue nursing school and Jean is headed to college this fall.  Congratulations all around to the Roberts' and enjoy!

27 December 2016

The Efird Family

The holidays are a great time when you can finally get your family all together in the same place.  What better time to have pictures taken?!  The Efird family took advantage of this time together and I was so happy to be able to help them capture the moment.

12 December 2016

Newborn // Meet Cole

Sweet little Cole is only eight days old in these pictures.  He was just the sweetest little thing and was ready for his close ups.  Mr. Cole definitely kept one eye on me for a little bit so he wouldn't miss out on the action but, inevitably, newborn sleepiness took over.  Speaking of action, big sister Ruth was all about some picture taking.  The first thing she did when I got there was introduce me to "her baby" and you can tell she loves being a big sister.  Congratulations to this wonderful family!

04 December 2016

The Taylors

I have to preface this by saying that I absoutely love taking pictures of kids.  BUUUUUT  it can be such a treat to take pictures of just adults.  They're so still for their pictures! LOL  Meet the Taylors, a super sweet newlywed couple with the coolest backyard space and cutest decorated front porch to boot! The crazy weather here held out just long enough for us and had a great time getting to know them.


22 November 2016

A Very Special Family...

Now this family right here is pretty much just the best.  Why you ask?  Well, for one, those are my boys, and two, those are my parents!  I suppose you could say I'm completely a little biased but these are my people and I love them! ENJOY!