03 December 2018

The Day Family

You read that right!  It's the Day family again but this time I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Kevin's brother, Corey, and his precious family.  They just welcomed their third bundle of sweetness and this little boy is gonna be smothered in kisses from his two big sisters.  We had a fun time combatting the wind and throwing leaves! ENJOY!

18 November 2018

The Day Family 2018

It's that time of the year again! Time to take pictures for the Christmas card, annual family photos, and all that goodness.  This will be the first year that our family of four will be on ours because we're actually getting family photos taken for the first time since Ro was 4 days old.  (I know, I know....terrible!)  Anyway...

If you've been around here for a little while, you know the Day family.  It's so fun every year to get to take this family's photos and be a part of watching them grow from behind the camera.  I remember little Rebecca, only about 4 weeks old, and our cold first photoshoot.  Now she's a sweet 5 year old with the most gorgeous Rapunzel hair!  And spunky Shaun was only 2 when we started, not too sure about this strange lady that keeps asking him to smile. Now he's a pro at sitting for me and gets some great smiles out of his sister.  Thank you Day family for a wonderful afternoon exploring downtown Norcross!

09 September 2018

Clara is ONE!

As you will very quickly see, this little lady is full of personality! Miss Clara was a joy to photograph and her parents are the sweetest.  I had the pleasure of meeting the mama last year when she was about 7 months pregnant so the fact that we're here now, for that little one's first birthday, is crazy.  Our morning was full of ruffles and pink and I totally got my girly fix.  Happy birthday, Clara!  I hope you had a fabulous party!

12 March 2018

The Beidleman Family

It's such an honor to be asked to photograph a family when they are all together.  This day and age, it's so rare to have your entire family live near by, let alone even in the same state.  Jobs, school, etc. take us all over the country so it's always nice to document the times when you're together.  A huge thank you to the Beidleman family for choosing me to document this special gathering of your family.

31 December 2017

The Lucketts and Family

Twas the day after Christmas and pretty darn cold, but also the perfect day for some photography gold!  Okay okay....I'm done.

Meet the Lucketts, their children, in-laws, and grandbaby (and grandpup)!  Something I love about holiday time sessions is that large families take the opportunity to capture the moment of togetherness.  Not everyone has the luxury of living close to their entire family so it takes planning and I love to help them document it.  It may have been chilly but we had a great time roaming the gorgeous grounds of a local church and getting sweet little Tucker to giggle.  And it's worth mentioning that JW was one of the best dogs I've ever photographer!  Enjoy!

13 December 2017

The Case Family

I've known the Case family for five years now.  Five years!  Crazy...

If you've been following along on here, you've probably seen them a few times.  I love getting to take their picture because her boys remind me so much of my own!  (And not just because two of our kids have the same name!)  So, of course I had to add in a couple pics of her cute duo being silly together.  Enjoy!