13 December 2017

The Case Family

I've known the Case family for five years now.  Five years!  Crazy...

If you've been following along on here, you've probably seen them a few times.  I love getting to take their picture because her boys remind me so much of my own!  (And not just because two of our kids have the same name!)  So, of course I had to add in a couple pics of her cute duo being silly together.  Enjoy!

04 December 2017

The Williamson Family

I love to capture laughter.  It's one of my favorite expressions and this family is full of it.  I had the pleasure of taking the Williamson family's pictures a few years back (pre-Roman!) so it was such a joy to get to do it again.  ENJOY!

28 November 2017

Susan + Addison // Mother + Daughter Session

Meet two super sweet ladies, Susan and Addison.  I had the pleasure of getting to capture some shots for this mother/daughter duo this past week.  The last time they had pictures together was when Addison was ten so I was so honored they chose me to help them update the picture frames!  (Although, I totally get it.  I may be a photographer, but the last time we had family photos taken our two year old was four DAYS old.)  It's so much fun to be a small part of a family's photo documented life!  ENJOY!

22 November 2017

The Day Family // Fall 2017

It's that time of year again!  The time when I get to share one of my favorite families, the Days.  This year makes number five and while somethings obviously change, like those gorgeous locks little miss has been growing or how tall both kids are getting, somethings haven't changed a bit.  Every year I get to capture the sweet way Rebecca looks at her daddy and how much Sean loves to hug his mama and give her kisses.  Day family, you're just so full of love and it was, as always, a pleasure to get to photograph this moment in time for you. We definitely had some fun and plenty of giggles along the way.  ENJOY!

30 October 2017

Big + Lil // Esther + Lauren

It's so crazy to think that just three years ago I was taking Esther's one year old pictures (back before the rebranding!).  Now, she's a big sister to spunky little Lauren and I'm her dance teacher!  What?  Time is a strange thing.  These two sweet girls are an absolute delight to be around and taking their pictures was nothing short of entertaining.  Along with their Grandmommy, we had a fun afternoon in the park exploring and giggling.  Enjoy!

30 August 2017

The Martin Family

Today's session is brought to you by the magic of Facebook!  Mama Martin is a friend of mine from high school but we have not seen each other since then.  That makes about 13 years!  But we've kept in touch over time through FB, commented on each others photos, etc.  We were even pregnant at the same time with our second boys and it was fun to watch each other grow.  Fast forward to today and the Martins now live in Germany but happened to be visiting the sates for a couple weeks.  Perfect opportunity to grab a quick session!  I had so much fun getting to interact with the boys, meet the hubby, and reconnect.  The Martin boys certainly had a good time exploring and playing as well.  ENJOY!