25 November 2015

Jackson and Graham

It's hard to believe that when I first started taking these boys' picture, Graham was only a few weeks old!  Now he's an energetic 19 months old and can really keep up with big brother Jackson.  These boys are so sweet and very playful.  We had a little jumping session at the end for fun!

24 November 2015


It was such a pleasure to take pictures of this lovely little lady!  Her and her adorable pup braved the slightly lower temps here in GA for a fun session.  Myla is super sweet and is definitely enjoying her week off of school!  Enjoy!

21 November 2015

The Hirschel Family // 2015

Oh Hirschel family!  I just love this family. Mom is my bestie and we get together just about every week.  I'm always taking pictures of her little lady and my son and now our littlest ones too.  But there is something special about taking out my Canon and doing a real, get dressed up, shoot with them.  They're a good looking' bunch don't ya think?!

18 November 2015

The Lee Family

I sure have a soft spot for this family!  I've known them since before I was married and before they had kids.  I've even been big sister Zoe's dance teacher!  I'm so happy to have gotten the chance to take some fun family photos with this special bunch!

16 November 2015

The Williamson Family

Say "HELLO!" to the Williamson family!  I had so much fun with this awesome family of five.  Their three kids are full of energy and spunk and a joy to photograph.  We had a blast in the breezy fall weather!

The Day Family // Fall 2015

There is something so special about being a photographer for one family, multiple years in a row.  I have had the privilege of photographing this sweet family for a third year now and I've enjoyed watching their little ones grow.  From when their sweet little girl was only about 4 weeks old to watching her and her brother play and be silly together!  Thank you so much Day family for letting me capture these little bits of your family's life!